HowTo: Fix MythTV’s Frontend not going full-screen in Ubuntu Jaunty.

The next version of Ubuntu is here - 9.04 aka "Jaunty Jackalope". Along with a wealth of new features comes a wealth of new minor bugs to fix. Not enough to be show-stoppers, but enough to annoy the heck out of you, and here's a doozy. If, like most people, you have Compiz enabled and you start the MythTV Frontend, you will notice that rather than go full-screen, Myth will start as a window, essentially, even if your settings within Myth say to go full-screen. In a single-screen scenario, the MythTV window will start just underneath the upper Gnome panel and the lower Gnome panel will sit over the top of the Myth window, obscuring part of the display. Proof that it's a window can be found by holding down…
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Mini-Review: Benq E2200HD widescreen monitor on Ubuntu

I've been waiting a long time to replace my aging, yet faithful Compaq 17" LCD monitor for the last 6 years with some high-definition, widescreen goodness, but have always balked at the price of any display 24" and higher. For a long time, these were the only displays that offered true high-definition at 1920x1200, but now Benq have released a 22" display that does full high-definition for less than AUD$300! It was too tempting - I had to get one! (more…)
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