Ubuntu vs Vista Resource Usage

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Everyone always rambles on about how much of a resource hog Windows Vista is compared to Linux, so I figured why not find out exactly how much of a hog it really is? For this comparison, I have pitted the following versions of Ubuntu and Vista against each other: Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate with Service Pack 1 and all system updates to 29th October 2008 Ubuntu Linux 8.04.1 Hardy Heron with all system updates to 29th October 2008 Ubuntu Linux 8.10 Intrepid Ibex Release Candidate with all system updates to 29th October 2008 (just for kicks) The tests would be simple. A fresh vanilla install of Ubuntu and Vista doing four of the most common things a typical user might do everyday: Nothing View a web page Listen to an…
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HowTo: Setup your own local Ubuntu repository mirror.

While Ubuntu's updates are nowhere near as bad as dealing with Windows updates, it can still be annoying to do a fresh install of Ubuntu and then have to download 300MB's worth of updates, especially if you have a slow connection, or perhaps you're in a remote location and don't have an Internet connection. How do you update machines then?? Why not setup your own personal local Ubuntu Repository? Here's how to make one to use either on a personal web server or carry with you on a portable USB (or similar) hard-drive. (more…)
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