Subtitle Downloader

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I'm a big fan of simple applications that fill a big void or annoyance in life, and one of those annoyances is finding suitable subtitle files (.srt files) for your movie rips. To fill this void is a simple application called SubDownloader that does its best to crawl the 'net for suitable subtitle files for whatever movie you select in the file browser. (more…)
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HowTo: Create your own subtitles to display on video in Totem

Subtitles - a simple, but effective means of communication for speakers of non native languages and the hard-of-hearing. We see subtitles in DVD's and on TV in various forms. It would be good to utilise subtitles for a home video that you have encoded to give to your parents or grandparents, both of whom are a little hard-of-hearing, but it's an effort to add subtitles to a video, encode it again and it will ultimately bother those people who don't need to view the subtitles. You don't have to encode the subtitles as part of the physical video, however. Most media players, including Ubuntu's Totem have the ability to overlay subtitles on top of the video being played back. This allows you to create your own custom subtitles and be…
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