HowTo: Fix Virtualbox not allowing you to attach USB devices to your virtual machines.

Virtualbox is a great desktop virtualisation tool, but one of its annoying installation niggles is that when you setup and run a virtual machine you can't attach any USB devices to it at all because all your USB options in Virtualbox are greyed out. There are a raft of different solutions to this problem out there ranging from adding an extra line to the /etc/fstab file to modifying your udev rules, but the real cause of this problem is simply that your login name does not have permission to access Virtualbox's USB driver which interfaces itself between the VM's virtual USB hardware and your real USB stack. (more…)
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New server!

I finally got around to upgrading the server that serves this very page you're reading to Ubuntu Jaunty today, up from Ubuntu Hardy. Yes I know, maybe I should have waited for Karmic, or even Lucid, but the biggest reason why I did this was that I've migrated this server from the little Pentium 4 Shuttle XPC that was in use before onto a Virtualbox 3.0.6 headless VM hosted on an Ubuntu Jaunty box running on top of an Intel E5200 CPU. You're probably wondering why I'd use an E5200 when it doesn't have hardware virtualisation features built in? Well, the server consumes very little juice compared to the Pentium 4 (26% less in fact), it's more powerful, it's cheap, cheerful, produces less ambient heat, is a heck of a…
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Virtualbox 2.1

Sun's ubiquitous virtualisation application Virtualbox has been updated to version 2.1 and brings with it a number of new additions to warrant a major update, with two of the most interesting new features being 3D acceleration support and Networking changes that negate the need for bridging the host adapter to the guest. (more…)
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