Subtitle Downloader

I’m a big fan of simple applications that fill a big void or annoyance in life, and one of those annoyances is finding suitable subtitle files (.srt files) for your movie rips. To fill this void is a simple application called SubDownloader that does its best to crawl the ‘net for suitable subtitle files for whatever movie you select in the file browser.

Download the application’s .deb file from the GetDeb website and install it with:

$ sudo dpkg -i subdownloader_2.0.9-1~getdeb1_all.deb

(or if you’re afraid of the command line, just double-click it within a window to launch the GUI version of the Package Installer instead – either way will take care of the QT4 and Python dependencies for you)

…and that’s it. now just fire it up from the Applications->Sound & Video menu, browse to your movie folder and let the app find the subtitles for you. Sweet! Smilie: :)

You don’t have to search by your collection, though – you can do a regular title search as well.

The selected subtitles are then downloaded into the same directory as your source video, allowing you to execute them in Totem or other subtitle-supporting player right away.

Simple, yet effective. This really should be in the Ubuntu repositories.