Where will you be at 1234567890 Unix time?

Some of you may be aware that Unix systems and its variants including Linux, Apple OS X, etc store the time in seconds using a 32-bit integer, with the 1st January 1970 as the epoch.

Tomorrow morning at 10:31 and 30 seconds, eastern Australians (except Queensland who will get it at 09:31 and 30 seconds) will experience 1234567890 Unix time. Where will you be on this momentous occasion?

If you’d like to check your own local time, simply drop into a terminal and paste this line of perl in:

$ perl -e 'print scalar localtime(1234567890),"\n";'
Sat Feb 14 10:31:30 2009

After that, we only have the 32-bit Unix Millennium Bug to look forward to in 2038!